Relationship Confidence and Integration


Dear World-Changing Leader,

Did you know the #1 element that guarantees success in life are FULFILLING RELATIONSHIPS?

What are you doing to intentionally build relationships?

Trust and integration are the keys to true innovation. Relating authentically is the new paradigm, and it is here to stay.




My name is Cindy Riach.

I guide powerful leaders to greater levels of relational success.

My clients are mostly men who are committed to continuous growth and fulfillment. They are driven. They are influencers. They are unafraid of the truth.

Are you ready to gain relational confidence and integration?



How can I help you?

When I have a conversation with someone interested in coaching, I ask them to explore their dreams.

What would you like?

Dreams are scary. Dreams also hurt when you don't work on achieving them.

I get it. Living out your potential is really hard. It's scary and may seem like a big risk. Many people don't really work on achieving their dreams. Some don't even try.

We may have worked hard in an arena of our lives that had been appropriate or even satisfactory at some point.

But what about your dreams?

If you are ready to step up your game, I am currently accepting applications for one-on-one coaching.



Some of the ways you will benefit from working with me:

  1.  Increase your confidence. No more freezing. Be bolder and more real in all of your interactions. Deepen your conversations.
  2.  Get in touch with your desires. Ask for what you want authentically. People will be drawn to you like a magnet.
  3. Understand the root of conflicts. Prevent disagreements and fights before they start.
  4. Learn to play the ownership game. Know how you're contributing to messy communication.
  5. Improve decision-making skills. Find creative, win-win solutions. Clear out stressful tension.


Are you ready to create powerful relationships?

Contact me, and we will schedule a coaching conversation.

During this conversation, we will explore one dream you want to work on. You will receive intense feedback, interpersonal reflection, and transformative, in-the-moment noticing. You will gain more rapport with your deepest desires. You might also receive resources, such as referrals, connections, exercises and books. At the end of our conversation, you will have clarity about the next step to take towards your dream.

This is a no strings attached conversation. The only investment is that you show up fully with your time and willingness.

If the conversation feels super-extraordinary, we'll talk about how we can deepen your transformation over a longer period of time.



Is this for you?

If you and your peers rate you strongly in these following areas already, you're in exactly the right place to work with me and take your life to the next level.

√  I am an innovator.
√  I naturally solve problems.
√  I take action.
√  Honest feedback is critical to my process.
√  I am ready for exponential growth.


I coach CEOs, venture capitalists, corporate teams, and start-up founders. The people who are drawn to working with me think outside-the-box, who want to make real, provocative change. My clients discover the root blockages preventing the fuller potential of their purpose and relationships.

My coaching is not for everyone. This transformation requires courage.
The most important investment is your commitment to create powerful changes.

When you are ready, we will talk.

The work started the most important transformation of my life that has taken years to integrate.
— Tom Currier, Serial Entrepreneur

She is a powerful voice.
— Matthew Schweppe, Founder at The Inspired Leadership Institute

Cindy is an extremely authentic and passionate person, who is mindful and good at building people up from the core. Cindy truly cares about helping you in your journey to achieve fulfillment professionally, bringing a unique perspective to the table. You will never doubt that it is wonderfully genuine.
— Yuan Nielson, Marketing Manager at SMS Passcode

My work with her cut straight to the heart, opened communication, and left all participants involved feeling opened, challenged, valued, and important.
— Wesly Feuquay, M.ED. Counseling/Human Relations

Cindy was instrumental in strengthening our core team, and she continues to support sustaining us as a powerful working unit.
— Dinelle Lucchesi, Co-Founder & Community Director of HealthExtension.CO

She found me in a place that no one else had ever been able to find me and she kept me in a profound relational intensity that broke my spell and helped me to see a life-long pattern.
— Chloe Hedden, Artist at

I trust her to tell me the truth.
— Derek Pankaew, Founder at Evoka Media

Cindy would be an asset to anyone seeking help on a project.
— Natalie Ashodian, Director at Eccentric Productions

She showed me the courage to language those subtle, slippery interior feelings and the courage to do it openly.
— MaryAnn Kraus, Gestalt Institute of Cleveland

I found her humility and courage to challenge her own edges very inspiring.
— Cedric, author of

Cindy’s intuition and awareness gives her the ability to extract from people insights that they are not able to see on their own.
— Paul Minchoff, UPS

I can count on her to skillfully handle details while holding the larger perspective and navigating ongoing changes of circumstance and plans.
— Marianne B. Rowe, MS at

Cindy held the space for possibility to arise.
— Gordon Faulkner, Vancouver

Present. Loving. Empathetic. Sexy. Embodied. Playful. Wicked Smart. Wisdom flows through her.

When Cindy speaks publicly I can’t tell if she’s channeling God or if it’s Oscar-worthy performance; I’m often inspired, and rarely bored.
— Anonymous